Best Meetups in Tokyo for Business and Technology

Staying in Tokyo for an extended time for work or business can be an exciting yet daunting undertaking. If you are here for more than a few weeks, a lack of social life and language barrier might get one a bit worried about what to do with down time. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way, there is an app for alleviating these terrible worries called

Using will get you interacting with like-minded kindred spirits so quickly, you’ll cancel your Netflix subscription by the end of the week. An exaggeration of course, but it can boost your social circle like nothing else.

But what if your ambitions extend beyond the more social events, like playing checkers in a park with some guy that looks like a drunk Ed Sheeran? Could meetup be used for business and technology as well?

The answer is a resounding yes and here are the 5 best meetups for business and technology,

Best all-round Business and Technology

Startup Life Tokyo -

Although new on the scene, Startup Life Tokyo has some of the most interesting workshops and thus members you’ll come across. Having discussions with people like inventors of flying cars, marketing experts, product managers and designers is commonplace. Because of this, membership has grown quickly and the community network has become more robust. Focusing on entrepreneurship and understanding emerging trends in Tokyo and Abroad, it’s probably one of the best places to expand your business through connections and friends.  


Code Chrysalis -

At Code Chrysalis you’ll learn about blockchain, algorithms, and a whole lot of javascript. Here you will find quick minded individuals that are ready to help answer your questions about software and coding. Friendly environment and a great place to meet some of the best software engineers on the startup scene.   

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning in Tokyo (MTL) -

Started as a study group, it has grown into 1300 plus members and is becoming meetup’s number one standard in AI in Tokyo.

Making events like Kaggle competitions, to hackathons to workshops, it can escalate your knowledge in machine learning quickly and with the right people on your side.


Japan Advertising and Marketing (JAM!) -

This meetup is perfect for those that want to learn about marketing idiosyncrasies in Japan. For entrepreneurs, and startups to learn about social media and digital marketing. Ryan is an entertaining speaker and be prepared to take in quite a bit of information in a short amount of time.

Pitch Nights

Tokyo Tech Startups -

They have monthly Pitch and Demo evenings that attract a huge crowd of people interested in meeting startups of all kinds. From new products to SaaS (Service as a Software) solutions. It's fun to see what’s emerging on the Tokyo Startup scene, to learn and dissect the pitches to see what was good and what could be improved.

Whatever your ambitions are in Tokyo, finding friends and support to get you there is easiest with meetup. If you are into having interesting conversations and meeting interesting people, I highly suggest the meetups mentioned.