Machine List


 From Conception to Creation, in our product development lab ideas become realized. We are more than just machines however, with a learning area, and a variety of courses ranging from Soldering 101 to Structuring a Hardware Start-Up, we have a robust set up to help guide you on your maker's journey.


ACCTEK Laser Cutter AKJ1390

Maximum working area: 1300 x 900mm

Usable material: Acrylic, MDF, Wood, Leather, and Fabric

100 watt Laser

CW5000 Chiller

cnc machine.jpg

ACCTEK CNC Machine AKG6090

Maximum working area: 600 x 900 x 150mm

Usable material: Aluminum, Wood, and Plastic

Software: Mach3

16mm collet

Raise3D N2 3D Printer with Dual Extruder

Maximum build volume: 305 x 305 x 305mm

Layer resolution: 0.01mm ~ 0.25mm

Filament type: PLA/PLA+/ABS/PC/PETG/R-flex/TPU/HIPS/Bronze-filled/Wood-filled

Software: ideaMaker, Simplify3D