A realm of intimate, personal power is developing - power of the individual to conduct his own education, find his own inspiration, shape his own environment and share his adventure with whoever is interested.
— Whole Earth Catalog

To learn, to build, and to inspire is universal to all of us. In the world of accelerating technological change, learning has never been so important. To continual improve and develop one self. To express individual creativity through building and making tangible products or services to help improve society. Call it innovation, call it entrepreneurship, we support individuals with the drive and passion to learn, build and inspire others to make a world a better place.



Project ManageMENT


The missing link from prototype to manufacturability. We help train future project managers that will realize the innovations of tomorrow.


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From ideation to prototype, the tools to realize your ideas into the physical world.


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Collaborative Environment

An open collaborative environment, designed to facilitate new ideas to be generated by multidisciplinary community. 


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